NSW Design Registered Engine Packages

At Torque Enterprises in Mackay, we offer an engine package to help meet your targets in the reduction of DPM. When it comes to sourcing an engine for the repowering of your existing underground machinery, you can’t afford to compromise on quality and performance.  

Contact our team on (07) 4952 5081 to find out more about our engine packages with NSW Design Registration (MDR 155804 DES). In addition to Mackay, we service the Bowen Basin, Newcastle, Mudgee,  and Wollongong. We also provide loader attachments, hydraulic/transmission testing, repowering for underground equipment and much more.

02. Machine Overhaul - TE Engine Package

Explosion Protected
Diesel Engine Systems (ExDES)

The MDR 155804 ExDES is a 117kW Supercharged Hino engine fitted with three (x3) odour controlling devices, a dry exhaust gas heat exchanger, exhaust outlet flame arrestor, exhaust spark arrestor and exhaust particulate filter housing. The engine develops 117kW of power @ 2100RPM and 587Nm of torque @ 1800RPM.

The MDR 155804 ExDES is equipped with a ‘Safety Shutdown System’ that will automatically shut off the engine if any of the following eight out of specification operating conditions are evident. They are:

  • High engine coolant temperature
  • Low coolant level
  • Low engine oil pressure
  • Exhaust gas over temperature
  • Low supercharger boost pressure
  • Methane levels over 1.00%
  • Hydraulic oil over temperature
  • Exhaust back pressure

The MDR 155804 ExDES is fitted with a Nautitech Methane Monitoring system that also controls the five remote thermal devices (RTDs), 3 that are fitted in the exhaust path that will shut the engine down if the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 130oC and two that are fitted in the coolant path that will shut the engine down if the coolant temperature exceeds 105oC.

Safety Equipment

The Supercharged Hino ExDES package safety equipment includes:

  • The emergency shutdown engine strangler valve.
  • The Supercharger unit assembly.
  • A flame trap fitted to the engine inlet manifold.
  • A water-cooled exhaust manifold.
  • A water-cooled exhaust link pipe.
  • An exhaust particulate filter canister that has been designed to fit two optional exhaust particulate filters.