Options For Every Application

Torque Enterprises in Mackay has an ever expanding range of attachments to suit UL/UV mining vehicles that have been specially designed and engineered by our in house facilities for the underground mining sector. Browse our attachment options below. For enquiries in Mackay, Bowen Basin, Newcastle, Mudgee, and Wollongong, get in touch with our team on (07) 4952 5081.

Our Products

Transport Pod

  • Available in 2 Deck dimensions 2.4m X 3.0m or 2.4m X 2.4m
  • Optional Removable Railings
  • Side walls with Easy Tie Down points
  • Designed for use with Quick Detach Systems
  • 8mm Thick Floor Plate

Forklift Attachment

  • Tare weight = 1.4 TONNE
  • RUD Tie off points
  • SWL Decals fitted
Forkset Painted (7)

Kibble Attachment

  • Dimensions: 2184W x 1664D x 1494H
  • Gross Weight: 9.4t
  • Tare Weight: 2.2t
  • Volume: 3m³
  • Fork lift pockets
  • Two 4 tonne Rud Lugs to each end of kibble
  • SWL Decals fitted
  • 2 manual-operated doors
  • Operator Manual provided
  • Air dry enamel paint – white in colour
Kribble Attachment Option 02 — Torque Enterprises Pty Ltd In Paget, QLD

Winch Attachment

The Brevini gearbox includes a spring-applied wet brake. The brake is released automatically when the winch control is activated in extend or retract.

  • Rope speed at 20mtrs/min
  • The PTO direction control in the LHD will be used to control speed and direction.
  • Rope guide rollers fitted
  • The winch is fitted with a dog clutch so the rope can be spooled off in the free-wheel position.
  • The MIS plate may be moved – 3 positions
  • Remote gauge to indicate line pressure
  • Training material supplied

Mount type: quick-detach plate

  • Wire rope specification: 16mm plasma rope – u bolt anchor – crimp thimble
  • Drum dimension: (as per Fenner Dunlop winch as requested)
  • Free wheel arrangement: Lever operated dog clutch
  • Max motor speed @ max torque @150lpm: 2000 rpm
  • Max motor torque @ 180 bar: 180 nm
  • Max static load on bearing and gear box: 100kn
  • Gear box ratio: 125:1
  • Braking effort: 35000 nm
  • Drum speed @ max torque: 16rpm
  • Drum torque maximum: 19000 nm
  • Rope velocity @400mm diameter: 20mtr/min
  • Rope velocity @ 700 mm diameter: 35 mtr/min
  • Max line pull: 98.1 kn
  • Drum bearing type: Roller bearing greasable
  • Rope speed: 20 metres per minute
  • Brake type: Failsafe oil immersed