Manufacturing, Repairs & Maintenance

Torque Enterprises is your trusted partner for mining excavation equipment in Mudgee. Our extensive expertise encompasses equipment manufacturing, machinery repairs, and specialised fabrication services. We prioritise safety, compliance and operational efficiency in all our endeavours. Additionally, our team can provide you with bespoke engine packages, superchargers, and loader attachments.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals and a sterling reputation for excellence, we stand as a reliable choice for clients in Mudgee and beyond. Whether it’s designing and manufacturing mining equipment or performing overhauls and repairs, we are committed to delivering precise solutions that support your operations. We are one of the only manufacturers of underground mining loaders in Australia.

02. Machine Overhaul - TE Engine Package

What We Manufacture

Our skilled technicians offer:

  • Underground Mining Equipment: We manufacture the Torque Titan range of underground mining equipment designed to meet the specific needs of mining operations.
  • Explosion Protected Supercharged Diesel Engines: Our expertise extends to producing advanced diesel engines, crucial for safety in underground mining environments.
  • Transmission & Hydraulic Test Benches: This system is ideal for ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your mine site equipment, as well as ongoing safety.
  • Machinery Attachments: Our manufacturing capabilities include various machinery attachments used in mining and other industries, enhancing the versatility and functionality of equipment.
  • Fabricated Components: We produce a variety of components required in mining and industrial machinery, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of these systems.

Our Service